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The Process

Stage 1

We source all our wood sustainably, either from local woodland or our own 50 acres of mature hardwood. When taking trees we only thin the woods meaning we remove a small percentage of the trees each time and let smaller ones grow up to take their place.


Stage 2

This wood is then stored for around 12 months in our established woodlands to ensure that it is properly seasoned ready to be cut and dried.




Stage 3

After the logs have been seasoned we bring them to the farm buildings using a log trailer and crane and cut and split them to size into boxes using our firewood processor.



Stage 4

The boxes are then stacked in our new heated drying shed which dries them using fans and heat provided by our woodchip boiler that is fuelled using our own wood.




Stage 5

When we have checked that the wood is dry enough to burn as efficiently as possible we tip the wood out of the boxes to deliver to the customer. View price list here.